What’s New: MAC Velvet Teddy

Recently purchased this item, after eyeing it for God knows how long. Not really a fan of MAC lipsticks but if I’ve got my eye on something I have to have it.

MAC has described Velvet Teddy as ‘deep toned beige’ but honestly I would disagree this is more of a nude-rose shade (especially once applied). What I’ve seen with this is that people are opting to pair this lipstick with Whirl lip liner for a full voluptuous look – as seen on Kylie Jenner.

For me, I’m not too sure what lip liner I would pair this shade with, considering I still need to go lipliner shopping. Not too sure but I may just jump on the Whirl lipliner wave, we’ll see.

Price: £14.50 (with MAC discount)

Have you tried MAC Velvet Teddy? If so how do you like it and what lipliner do you use?

What’s New: KIKO Mat Base Corrector, KIKO Lip Base Primer, KIKO Lip Volumetric

As KIKO we’re doing a 45% off promotional sale I thought it would be a great time to purchase a few goodies.

KIKO Mat Base Corrector Primer

I’ve found my T-Zone area to be oilier than normal as of recently.. woah. So I picked this up just to sample it. I’ve only recently started using it so can’t really provide a review.

KIKO Lip Base Primer

I picked this up as I’d been watching quite a lot of YouTube videos recently, particularly a YouTuber called Jennifer Olaleye as I honestly love the way you does a full face of makeup.. yum. But one of the main reasons I picked up this product is because with the sort of lipstick I use, when I do use lipstick, I’ve noticed that, on the rare occasion, the application process isn’t as smooth – I need to start looking into exfoliating my lips, maybe? =D

Kiko Lip Volume

This was just one of those items that I threw into my online basket to try it out loool I honestly doubt highly I will use this product. But we will see, ay.

So guys, that’s about it from me. Just thought I’d share with ya’ll what’s new with me in the make up world, as some of ya’ll are always interested.

Do you own any of the products mentioned above? If so, please feel free to share.