B is for.. & Illamasqua Samples..

Hey lovelies,

So I’ve recently started to do full face of make up, as in foundation, conceal, contour, eyeshadow the whole shabang.. wow – I will include swatches of the foundation below.

So whilst I was having a browse through Superdrug.. I came across this brand which I had seen many times but just kind of always never took any notice. The thing that caught my eye was the fact that the products were on Sale.

I decided to pick up a couple of things from their range.. including the Flawless Matte Foundation, Priming Soufflé and the Micellar Water.

B. Matte Foundation

One of the reason I decided to pick up this foundation was because it is said to be vegan friendly as well as provide medium coverage with a light weight feel. So I was like, got to have it.

The foundation range comes in 12 shades, with the lightest shade being N1 (neutral) and the darkest shade being W10. Although this foundation doesn’t cater to all undertones, there are definitely a small range in which can be selected from.

After trying a couple of samples I opted to pick a shade which was slightly lighter than my complexion and settled for the shade W8.

Consistency, packaging and more!

The consistency of this foundation is liquid and thick (wow) and it comes in a plastic bottle, as do many drug store foundations. It also has a foundation pump, so the foundation can be squirted onto the back of your hand or directly onto the skin, entirely up to you.


Normally priced at £9.99, I managed to pick this item up for £6.66 (I know right). Which is reasonably priced, in my opinion for a drugstore foundation.

B. Soufflé Primer

Whilst out shopping in Superdrug I also picked up this souffle primer (not too sure why it’s called that lol). But I thought it would be good to reach out and try something new.


This product was discounted from £9.99 to £6.66 (thought it would be good to give it a try).

B. Micellar Water

I picked this up to give it a try, it is said to cleanse, time and refresh. Just picked it up to try it out, may provide a review depending on the results, if any.


Again this product was discounted from £4.49 to £2.19 (again thought I’d give it a try).

Illamasqua Samples

After reading a couple of reviews on the Illamasqua skin base foundation I decided to pick up some samples. I picked up a couple of samples as I wanted to be sure before purchasing the foundation I have picked the correct shade. Duhhh.

The three shades that I picked up are 15,16 and 17. The samples were only a £1 with free shipping, so it didn’t take a lot out of my pocket.

I chose this particular foundation because it’s the first foundation that I’ve come across which contains both Vitamin C and E and claims to create a flawless complexion everyday. In addition to being lightweight and easily blend-able and having a variety of shades. I thought it would be great to give it a try. Might provide a review if it’s highly requested.

Thank you my lovelies for reading!

Hope you found this useful.

Lots of love.

2 thoughts on “B is for.. & Illamasqua Samples..

  1. It’s crazy but i ‘ve never seen this brand either, i do shop (a lot) in Superdrug but i never pay attention to the non-advertised brands like this. I find the original price high too, i could buy a nice foundation from Bourjois for 9.99… that’s just too much for a no-name drogerie brand. Foundation look a decent one though, if it is on sale, probably worth it. 🙂

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