Sleek Bone Straight Hair..

Hey lovelies,

I know I’ve been gone all week.. been enjoying the sun in london (whilst it lasts).. lol.

But I’m back..

Now I’m one of those people who can leave her house with bone straight hair as in SLAYEDDDDD itttt, but within a couple of hours my hair has gone from bone straight to loose wavy.. lol. Tragic. But I’m working on it.

As I heard so much ranting and raving on this product and how it keeps your hair bone straight throughout the day (obviously I would have to maintain it, by brushing it out every now and then) I thought I would pop into my local beauty supply store and give it a try..

This product is said to:

  • Use ultra ceramic plates for effortless glide
  • Use pro-variable temperature control for all hair types
  • Use exclusive heat expansion plate technology
  • Use fair infrared heat technology
  • Have a sleek, light and ergonomic design
  • Straighten, curl flick and twist in one effortless pass

Initially thoughts..

When I first purchased this item.. I always thought it wasn’t for my hair type simply because of the texture of my hair and the bristles in the brush, I thought it would be hard to get the brush to the end of my hair (I only recently found out that’s what ceramic plate means, from one of my friends loooool). Another thing that struck my attention was the fact that the temperature went up to 230 degrees – I’ve only had straighteners which go up to 210 degrees.

The product..

The product itself is indeed lightweight and certainly easy to use (it does come with instructions, but it’s fairly basic). The design is sleek and elegant. But it does have two buttons to adjust the temperature but just to make you aware the temperature is manual and will go up by itself once switched on.

The bad..

The bad thing about this product when straightening my texture of hair that I found was that the smell was a lot worse when using normal straighteners.. the smell was similar to burnt charcoal (lol only way I could describe it) everyone will certainly assume something is burnt. Another thing aswell some of the bristles in the brush do tend to fall out aswell, don’t know if that’s just with me.

So.. does it follow through?

Well this product is amazing and does follow through on most of what is stated on the box.. but YASSSS-nooo this product is AMAZINGGG.. if you are seeking a bone straight look as per below.. yasss a bit of heat protection spray and some serum.. BAMMM!

Couple hours after straightening my hair (lol don’t know why I’m wearing a jacket looooool)

The following morning after just brushed and a little serum in there.

Overall verdict

This product is an easy to use product.. amazing design and provides that sleek finish. Other than the smell and bristles from the brush dropping out. Uhhh-mazing. Would definitely recommend if you haven’t already tried it out.

Hope you’re all enjoying the sun, whilst it’s out, ayeee!

See my lovelies in my next post!


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