Six Sassy Summer Fav’s : Holiday Picks..

Hey lovelies,

I just thought I would share some of the things I found myself grabbing whilst on my mini breaks. These are the products that are in my makeup bag but somewhere near the bottom.

Illamasqua Powdered Metal – Erzule

So the first product doesn’t actually belong to me, it belongs to one of my closest friends =D

This product is similar to Fenty Beauty Fairy Bomb.. in the sense that it leaves your skin with that shimmery high-shine glow but I found myself clinging to this product day and night. This is simply because the product leaves the skin with this subtle shimmer-shine glow.

But the thing that I love about this product is that it can be used for almost anything.. eyes, body, face, sealing gel for eyeliner, you name it. But this product popped all summer for me.

MAC Mineralise Loose Foundation – Dark Deep

When I first purchased this product, no joke I didn’t like it simply because it was a loose foundation and I felt every time I applied loose foundation onto my skin the result was always that it looked too CAKEY!

But whilst abroad I’ve quickly realised with this product that a little does actually go a long way. Using a little bit of this product whilst abroad in the heat had my skin popping. Honestly, there wasn’t a day where I didn’t grab this product.

MAC Select Cover-Up

Used mainly for brightening up the under eyes, concealing dark circles and evening out the skin tone. I found myself running to this product simply because once applied to the skin you don’t need a lot and it sits smoothly on the skin.

L’Oreal Carbon Gloss

As I’m quite lazy when it comes to applying eyeliner (haven’t yet developed the patience lol) I needed something which would be relatively simple to apply and does this product not do exactly that??!!! Yasss hunny.

Clinique Superfine Liner

Obviously in my head, using any pomade or eyebrow pencil was a myth lol. I needed something which was small and easy to grab and was this not the product to grab?! The easiness of this product especially for precision of the arch.. need I say anymore..

Mary-Kay Ultimate Mascara

Ain’t nobody trying to apply lashes in the heat lol. Forreal though I wasn’t trying to do that. For the days whereby I was lazy (almost everyday) I would apply two coats of this product for a volumized but subtle look and I was done.

Tried not to make this blog post lengthy, as many have once complained lol.

But these were my summer picks, products that I couldn’t help but grab. Amazing products!!!

Have you tried any of these products? If so, let me know down below in the comments section.

See ya, my lovelies in my next post.

Skincare Sunday: Eyewake Collagen Gel

Hey lovelies,

Just wanted to share a skincare product which was sent to me by a company called ‘Eyewake’ (on instagram).

This product was sent to me a couple of months ago but I’ve noticed some major improvements in my skin since using it. I’ve been using this product since April 2018 but only started using it consistently since May 2018.


The consistency of this product is runny, liquid gel (I can’t deny i was reluctant to put it on my face because of this lol). See picture below for what I mean.


This product does contain a distinct smell of aloe vera, lemon and cucumber. The smell isn’t strong but the product does carry a smell.


For the wonders that this product does I would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone with tired skin. The price of this product is £18.95.


The finish of this product is lush.. honestly. Hydration is one of the things my skin lacks and this product.. even just a pea sized amount, goes a long way. This product doesn’t stick or sit on the skin, it sinks right under the skin not leaving your skin to shine or seem dry or tired.

After applying the collagen gel to my face

Overall verdict

This product has been featured on my blog because all in all I would recommend this to anyone and everyone with tired, grumpy looking skin. It also does leave your skin with a youthful, radiant glow. Would definitely recommend.

Just thought I’d share this post with my subscribers. Hope you like my review?

Have you tried or heard about this product before? If so, let me know.

Please feel free to check them out online:


Instagram: Eyewakeuk